B&B labs launches solutions to treat four stages of acne

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 : The Asian cosmeceutical brand, B&B Labs recently unveiled its latest plant-based anti-acne product line to tackle four stages of acne.


Stage 1 comprises whiteheads, blackheads and small pimples while Stage 2 involves more frequent breakouts, pustules and papules.


In Stage 3, there are large amounts of inflammation, pustules, papules and nodules while most severe form of acne occurs in Stage 4.


According to B&B Labs co-founder, Julius Lim, the product line combats acne-causing bacteria, prevents further breakouts and lightens dark marks and scars while reducing skin inflammation, redness and healing time.


In a statement, B&B Labs said the product merges cutting-edge pharma-derma science and Asia’s treasure trove of plant and herbal extracts.


Besides having the industry’s most dedicated line of acne treatment products, massive research and development has been done to study the underlying causes of acne and come up with very potent cosmeceutical formulations.


The new anti-acne line comprises Beetroot Betaine Hybrid Mask-Cleanser, Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum, Blemish Control Clarifying Cream-In-Gel and Express Blemish Spot Away Solution.


More details at https://bb-labs.com 

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